chelsi lou

I'm probably the most uninteresting and awkward person you could ever get to know, who happens to be quite eclectic for which I've observed is not as cool as people let it on to be. However, I feel my little influence and manner of thinking has a place in this world. My hope is that one day it would impact even just one soul for them to find their footing and inevitably themselves. I write.... even if the things I write may be grammatically incorrect and are utter nonsense, I'll write them anyway. I write to spur others onward.

Adversarial things

What does one do when the uninvited, unwanted bothersome restrictions and unfair things come knocking at your door? Swing the door WIDE OPEN!!!!! Greet them kindly and make those adversarial things your friend. You never know! Your response to such things one day may paint a beautiful picture, write a lovely sonnet or compose a […]